Rosary – Telestai – CD

Band: Rosary

Label: Nine Records

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: NINE020
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Rosary is a new band from Warsaw, Poland founded in 2017, which decided to play traditional doom metal. Over the years the line‐up of the group has changed, and then around in 2020/2021 it has become as power trio: Misha, Marty and Matthew. In this lineup they recorded their first release, which consists 5 songs in the vein of orthodox doom metal filled with piercing riffs, gurgling bass, original drums and lamenting vocals, that is all that is most important in this music.

The first song of EP is the apocalyptic “Demonic Doom”, the second one’s telling about the desire for revenge “Judgment from Above”. The dark story of the Polish murderer of prostitutes described in “Bogdan Arnold”, dealing with the way of the Jesus’s cross until his last words “Telestai” and the closing album resounding “Old Photographs ”, which is a painful description of childhood memories.

This album is a tribute to all the giants of classic doom metal who play music for people who feel the same in life as they do. And that’s just the beginning … HAIL DOOM!

For fans of: The Obsessed, Saint Vitus, Internal Void, Trouble, Earthride!

1. Demonic Doom
2. Judgement From Above
3. Bogdan Arnold
4. Telestai
5. Old Photographs

GENRE: Doom Metal
BARCODE: 5903263618201