Gargantuan Blade – Gargantuan Blade – CD


Band: Gargantuan Blade

Label: Nine Records

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: NINE021


Nine Records is proud to present Gargantuan Blade’s debut album on CD! This young but not inexperienced band from Finland (includes members of The Wandering Midget, Serpent Warning, Lord Fist, Outlaw, Axeslaughter etc.) recorded a unique album that will blow many doom fans to their knees. Four unusual songs in slow and medium tempo will take you to another, unknown epic world. Powerful riffs, catchy melodies, delicious lyrics ‐ it’s all on the first album of Gargantuan Blade. Highly Recommended!

1. Necromancer’s Blood
2. Black Lotus
3. Dungeon Lord
4. Spectral Pillagers

GENRE: Doom Metal
BARCODE: 5903263618218

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