Sacred Sin – Storms Over The Dying World – CDD

Band: Sacred Sin

Label: Lusitanian Music

Format: CDD


It’s been more than three decades as one of the leading names in thrash and death Portuguese metal scene, counting on six albums. The new work will be the successor to «Born Suffer Die», 2020 Ep. The strength of the three themes contained in the Ep left a lot of curiosity about the new album, entitled «Storms Over The Dying World». This seventh album by the quartet will be released in CD, LP, Cassette and digital platforms, scheduled for July 29th. The LP release, given the production constraints of the moment, might happen a little later.

Recorded at Rock’n’Raw by Bruno Miguel Jorge, the album is produced by Tó Pica and Sacred Sin. The title of the album, according to José Costa, bassist and vocalist, “synthesizes the lyrical and musical part of the album as a whole”. After the rebirth with «Born Suffer Die», and the stabilization of the formation, with Tó Pica and Luís Coelho on the strings, the album was delayed due to the installed pandemic. It is the musician himself who claims to have started “recording during the pandemic, although some themes come further back in time”. That’s why “this record is a collection of songs that now come to life outside of our demos, and we have the opportunity to share them with everyone”. The quartet was already complete in the preparation phase of the work, with Fernando Dantas as the group’s official drummer, having already recorded all the drums for the album.

1. Storms Over the Dying World
2. Perish In Cold Ambers
3. Last Man
4. Hell Is Here
5. Icons Of Blood
6. Rites Of Doom And Death
7. Shroud Of Broken Promises
8. Defy Thy Master
9. Skull Crushing Darkness

GENRE: Death Thrash Metal
BARCODE: 5600817800371