Salami Sux – Salami Sux – Vinyl

Band: Salami Sux

Label: Topsy Turvy

Format: Vinyl


The band project SALAMI SUX emerged from the boredom of the lockdown phase of the well-known little thing with 19. With a boisterous mix of punk, garage, rock’n’roll and surf, the trio from St. Pölten, Austria makes you sit up and take notice. Lone fighter “Salami Recorder” gives the songs a defined style with his incomparable singing and guitar playing. Bass man “Mots T. Sux” is happy to leave his usual punk structures, which he has celebrated for years in bands like SKEPTIC ELEPTIC, DEMENZIA KOLEKTIVA and THE ZSA ZSA GABOR‘S. Drummer boy “Thoms’n’Roll”, who was also active in the bands SKEPTIC ELEPTIC, DEMENZIA KOLEKTIVA and ANSTALT, beats songs like “Sun is killing me” or “I Ran Away” with passion. Everything is recorded D.I.Y., although no one has a clue. Bad? Yes! That is good and deliberate!

Aside from being part of Ramones-Tribute-Sampler “Let’s Tribute To Ramones“ (Kafadan Kontak Records, Turkey) the band recently released the album “Demo Tape” with 13 swinging and danceable hits, digitally and on cassette (limited to only 99 copies). Their musical debut doesn’t just prove successful, but is downright addictive, so that SOUNDFLAT RECORDS-divison TOPSY-TURVY RECORDS now follows with the double LP release of “Salami Sux” and “Salami Sux ´n’ Roll Vol.1“, limited to only 300 copies of colored vinyl. Be prepared for 15 out-of-control original tunes by exciting Austrian punkrock-newcomers SALAMI SUX on cool yellow vinyl!

1. Wavegrave
2. Wrong Train
3. Water
4. The Romantic One
5. Sun Is Killing Me
6. My Dog Ran Away
7. I Ran Away
8. Please Do Some Real Music
9. Lost But Found
10. Leatherboys
11. Fuzz Surf (Dirty Wave)
12. Mustard Bastard
13. Dove Hall
14. Heron Surf
15. Watchin‘ Myself

GENRE: Punk/Garage/Surf/Rock
BARCODE: 4250137288277