Sarcophagy – The Onset Of Torture – CD

Band: Sarcophagy

Label: Meat 5000 Records

Format: CD


US based in Lafayette IN, started in ’92, The Onset of Torture is the compilation of the two demoes and rare tracks from the band, Staring members of Gorgasm, Human Filleted, Horrific Demise, Catatonic Existence, Purulent Infection.

Hunger Pains demo
1 Blood Soaked
2 Motion Sickness
3 Soul Searcher
4 Mass Burial
Cut to Pieces demo
5 Onset Of Torture
6 Cut To Pieces
7 The Summoning
8 Grisly Homicidal Butchery
Bonus tracks
9 Chatter Of The Ghouls
10 Bloodsoaked 1995
11 God Of Perversion

GENRE: Old School Brutal Death Metal
BARCODE: 712221449239