Boneyard – Back To A Zombie Planet – CD

Band: Boneyard

Label: Meat 5000 Records

Format: CD


New band from Noel of Gruesome Stuff Relish made to pay tribute to Impetigo spanish old school goregrind band, in the vein of Haemorrhage, Gruesome Stuff Relish, Carcass.

– Limited Edition of 500

1. Rise of the Dead
2. In a Hideous Pit
3. The Green Hell
4. Carnival Of Terror
5. Let The Good Times Rot view
6. No Way Out view
7. Under The Streetlight view
8. Bloodstains view
9. Silent Agony view
10. Friday Night Carnage view
11. The Tide view
12. Boneyard

GENRE: Old School Grind 
BARCODE: 712221449598