Sarram – Albero – Vinyl

Band: Sarram

Label: Subsound Records

Format: Vinyl


S A R R A M is the solo project of the sardinian Valerio Marras which combines elements of drone/ambient, post-rock, doom and electronica.“Albero” is S A R R A M’s fourth album, a well mix of drone and ambient soundscapes, crushing and doom-ish guitar soundwalls, very repetitive loops while also incorporating electronic and traditional warm whispers. It’s a very deep and intense soundjourney, a dark and dynamic ceremony of frequencies. Artwork by Animamundi, Mastering by James Plotkin.

Also guitar player of the postrock-oriented trio Thank U For Smoking and the postmetal 4tet Charun – Valerio Marras played intensely all over Europe including appearances at the KME, Schwarzer Herbst in Germany, Whoneedslyrics?! in Slovakia, Johanneskirche in Lobau, The Academy of fine Arts in Munich, Spazio musica project and Signal Fest in Cagliari, Dunk!Festival in Belgium and Young Team in France; collaborations with MAN Museum and Ciusa Museum in Nuoro, Mua Museum in Sinnai, Nubifilm, Animamundi and the naturalistic photographer Bobore Frau.

1. Heavy Sleep 2. The Sound Of A Needle 3. Scraps Of Paper 4. Sinking Shadows 5. Diving Deep 6. Fading Sunlight 7.
Midnight 8. The Far Side Of The Moon

GENRE: Post Rock/Dark Ambient/Drone
BARCODE: 759049741442