Sarram – Pathei Mathos – Limited Violet And Black Vinyl


Band: Sarram

Label: Subsound Records

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: SSR133X


S A R R A M, the ambient and post-rock vessel of Sardinian solo artist Valerio Marras, announces the release of his fifth album “Pàthei Màthos” on Subsound Records, and presents the captivating title track featuring revered multi-faceted artist Lili Refrain on vocals.

S A R R A M is a dark ceremony inspired by the wild, ancient landscape of Sardinia. A crushing but yet graceful composition where drone, electronica, doom, post-rock blend to invite the listener to an intense sound journey. Dealing with learning through suffering as a central theme, “Pàthei Màthos” — which features appearances from renowned experimentalists Lili Refrain, Dalila Kayros, Tobias Vethake (Sicker Man) — is a deep trip in the darkness surrounded by pulsating soundwaves, crushing droning layers, ethereal voices and floating cellos.

About the album, S A R R A M says: “As every record, it describes a part of my living, my existence through sound and frequencies. It’s something deep and authentic, something that can be felt, something real. The experience of my last two records “Silenzio” and “Albero” brought me to “Pàthei Màthos”: I needed to go further once again, pushing my borders even more and doing something I’ve never done before: composing. Nevertheless: sometimes it’s just about floating together into huge waves of sound.”

Side A
1. A Floating Sun
2. Pàthei Màthos
3. Lotus Quest
4. Zarola
Side B
1. Korimai
2. Slow care, Heavy Wires
3. Calma
4. Long Live, Farewell

GENRE: Dark Ambient/Experimental/Doom
BARCODE: 0766429826699
RELEASE DATE: 10/11/2023

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