Satelliters, The – The Lost Recordings – Vinyl


Band: Satelliters, The

Label: Soundflat Records

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: SFR142


planned to release a follow‐up with then unreleased songs recorded at sessions over the last years
which never made it on their full‐length releases. In fact, some of the recordings were nearly lost in
the recording vaults, because even the boys didn’t remember these tracks. So, tapes were rolled
back and forth and 12 tracks were mixed and put together to be the next SATELLITERS release…then
came covid and due to other strange things that happened it wasn’t possible until now to release
this platter more than 4 years after it was meant to be released!

Now, what do we have to expect: well, it’s THE SATELLITERS: fuzzy GUITAR, throbbing BASS, driving
DRUMS, cheesy ORGAN and howling VOCALS – no more, no less!

This time THE SATELLITERS combined 3 cover‐versions (“Don’t Say No” – originally by Ruthann
Friedmann, “Easy When I’m Dead” – originally by The Charlatans and “Last Day On Earth”– Velvet
Haze) with beaty, bouncy, jangly and fuzzy 60‐punk‐inspired originals, including their SOUNDFLAT release and hit‐single “Nothing Left To Tell” and its B‐side “You”. Get the picture?

Grab this new one to prepare yourself for more platters by THE SATELLITERS to come in 2024…31
years after they had started and right before their path through the forest for the next decade or so!

1. So Many Times
2. What You Gonna See
3. Don’t Say No
4. Nothing Left To Tell
5. Last Day On Earth
6. Out Of The Dark
1. Easy When I’m Dead
2. Soul For A While
3. People Think
4. And Sometimes
5. Evening Sun
6. You

GENRE: Garage/60s/Rock/Psychedelic
BARCODE: 4251896104907
RELEASE DATE: 19/01/2024

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