Krontjong Devils, The – Music From The Stars – Vinyl

Band: Krontjong Devils, The

Label: Topsy-Turvy/Soundflat Records

Format: Vinyl


Since the early nineties THE KRONTJONG DEVILS (Groningen, Netherlands) provided the world with their so‐called Oetsound ‐ instrumental surf music with a fine dose of “je ne sais quoi”.
“Music From The Stars” is their 5th full length album after releases on American record labels like TELSTAR, HILLSDALE and DOUBLE CROWN and domestic releases on KOGAR, OETSTAR, KURIOSA and RARITY RECORDS. Now SOUNDFLAT RECORDS‐division TOPSY‐TURVY RECORDS release the devils’ overwhelmingly cool brandnew LP.

On this album the boys broaden their musical horizon by introducing “Music From The Stars” like DONNA SUMMER, JEAN MICHEL JARRE, JULIO EGLESIAS, VENGALIS etc. to their repertoire without departing from their familiar Oetsound! Familiar pop‐melodies are uplifted to another level where they shine in a refreshingly new and dangerously cool new light, that will capture your soul and leave you fully addicted.

1. Get Your Baby
2. Rossito’s Revenge
3. Tarantula
4. Death Ride
5. Like ‐?‐ Spellbound
6. Space Tornado
1. The Peeper
2. Sheba
3. Razerbill Stomp
4. From The Shadows
5. Don’t Look In The Eyes
6. Ghost Train

GENRE: Instrumental/Surf
BARCODE: 4250137288352