Shadow Rebels – On The Ride – CDD

Band: Shadow Rebels

Label: Another Side Records

Format: CDD


The third full-length studio album by Israeli Progressive Post-Grunge Rock band.
Shadow Rebels decided to approach the recording of the new album in the most Grunge style. Unlike the previous release, which was recorded in a pure studio style, with many overdubs and individual recordings of the musicians, this time all the musicians entered the studio and simultaneously played all the songs one by one, in one day, on a tape recorder.
There are a lot of powerful and fast numbers, Stoner riffs, and heartfelt ballads about the fragility of life. No pathos, only selfirony, despair, reflections on the eternal: about enemies, about friends, about God and the loss of faith, about hope in times, when no place for hope. Everything is about the crazy 21st century, in which the heroes of the songs seem to be through no fault of their own. And as a result – sincere, bordering on nudity, uncompromising Post-Grunge. Deep and simple at the same time.

1. Some Fun 04:34
2. Men On the Ride 04:12
3. Devil May Care 03:30
4. Jihad 02:36
5. Sniper Girl 02:39
6. One Flying 04:39
7. CD in Space 09:32
8. Turn Back My Love 03:07
9. Mirror 04:20
10. Carnel Toe 05:12
11. Love Burn 03:32
12. Last Word 01:37
13. 47 Minutes of Love 04:57
14. CD in Space (Radio Mix) 05:08

GENRE: Progressive Post-Grunge Rock
BARCODE: 4821993331751