Skrying Mirror – Omnimalevolence – CDD


Band: Skrying Mirror

Label: I, Voidhanger Records

Format: CDD

Catalogue Number: IVR195


Artist, director and founding member of Ævangelist, Benighted In Sodom, Oblivion Gate, Obscuring Veil, Hex Arcana, Præternatura, Death Fetishist and countless other extreme and avant-garde metal projects, Matron Thorn returns to I, Voidhanger Records with his latest creation, SKRYING MIRROR. Accompanied by Kevin Yearout (Witchbones, Conduit Of Chaos) on vocals and Manuel Garcia (Blattaria, Ævangelist) on drums, Thorn formulates an industrial-tinged black/death metal that certainly takes its cue from Ævangelist’s original sound and style, enriched however by musical
experiences accumulated during the last decade.

SKRYING MIRROR’s long-distance debut is titled “Omnimalevolence” and is in all probability the most complete, mature and convincing artistic expression of the American musician, now stationed in Finland. And it is also the darkest and most violent, an inextricable jumble of electricity and wickedness held together by oppressive, asphyxiating rhythms. The songs follow without interruption, merging into each other to tell the descent into hell of a delusional, twisted and deviated mind.

Although the atmosphere remains constantly dark and pernicious, SKRYING MIRROR manage to escape from the shallows of repetitiveness skillfully alternating powerful midtempos with vague melodic openings (“Temptress”, “Intravenous”) and sudden guitar convulsions (“Famine”, “Lux”, “Abjurer”), without ever losing the compass and always marked by depression, despondency and humiliation.

“Omnimalevolence” is the pain of living made into music, a train launched at full speed and derailing against our senses. No mercy for the listener… but the listener asks for none.

1. Naught (3:35)
2. Fractals (4:11)
3. Yearn (3:18)
4. Temptress (5:13)
5. Famine (2:44)
6. Lux (3:49)
7. Intraenous (5:13)
8. Abjurer (3:11)
9. Failure (8:27)
Total Time 39:41

GENRE: Industrial Black Metal
BARCODE: 5902693146346

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