Slizard – Slizard – CD

Band: Slizard

Label: Maple Metal Records

Format: CD


Energetic, Intense and Heavy with very memorable hooks & melodies best describes American heavy metal / hard rock band SLIZARD on their self‐titled debut. SLIZARD has been described as “Kick‐ass female fronted metal” with a modern approach. Singing sensation Liz Fawcett’s powerful and melodic voice dominate the album, but the guitar, bass & drums create a crushing Epic heaviness to the music.

Liz Fawcett has been described by a few LA music industry reps as a “badass” singer, that has an instantly recognizable voice. Guitarist, and main songwriter Pat “Buzz” Belrose has previously recorded 2 albums with Canadian metal / hard rock band JADE in the mid‐80’s. JADE’s 2nd album was officially released by Roadrunner Records.

Producer Chris Wood, a 3‐time Grammy Award nominated L.A. producer commented on the album: “I really enjoyed the songs, and I’m sure these could very well be commercial hits. To me, this band could easily become ‘The Next Big Thing’! The song structures and overall sound is catchy, and radio friendly, as well as being heavy, & powerful.”
RIYL – NWOBHM, Iron Maiden, Scorpions, UFO, Dio, Doro, Halestorm

TRACK LISTING – (approx. running time: 65 min)
1. Monsters 9. Madness of the Queen
2. Mr. Hyde 10. Neverland
3. Caught Up in the Gears 11. Down by the River
4. Crack the Whip 12. Spooks in the Trees
5. Skinwalker 13. Broken Dreams
6. Watch N’ Listen 14. Will You Still Be There
7. Vampire Zombies 15. Slow Motion Suicide
8. Runnin’ Towards the Zombies
9. Madness of the Queen
10. Neverland
11. Down by the River
12. Spooks in the Trees
13. Broken Dreams
14. Will You Still Be There
15. Slow Motion Suicide

GENRE: Heavy Metal
BARCODE: 198000199739