Greenmachine – Greenmachine CD

Band: Greenmachine

Label: Robustfellow Prods

Format: CD


Brand new Self-titled studio album to celebrate 25th anniversary of the band!
Formed and based in northern west city Kanazawa, GREENMACHiNE are going to put out new studio album, followed-up their 4th“MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS” (their first with lead guitar player MAX and as four piece) released in March 2019.
GREENMACHiNE have described their sound as ‘Hardcore Rock’, essence of heavy
rock/metal/doom/sludge/punk rock and whatever the riff music. Those 12 songs have very wide ranged direction, this is exactly what GREENMACHiNE are at their strongest.

1. Poisonshed
2. Nothing
3. Rattlesnake
4. Red Eye Pt.7
5. Howl from the Ocean
6. It’s Ruined!
7. We Must Die
8. Ghost of Narcissistic
9. Nation Under Fire
10. Torture Yourself
11. Dragon’s Sorrow
12. Kozetsu)

GENRE: Hardcore Sludge Metal
BARCODE: 2091124205127