Solemn Ceremony – Demise – CD

Band: Solemn Ceremony

Label: Nine Records

Format: CD


Solemn Ceremony is Phil Howlett’s (Lucifer’s Fall, Rote Mare) traditional doom metal solo project. Heavy and melodic old school doom topped with Phil’s individual instantly recognisable raw vocal style. Helped out by Kieren Provis (lead guitar – Lucifer’s Fall) and Adam Holmes (drums – Eldritch Rites) on the latest album “Demise”, Solemn Ceremony should appeal to fans of Reverend Bizarre, Saint Vitus, The Lamp Of Thoth, Cirith Ungol and the like. Obscure traditional doom metal of the purest form!

1. Unknown Horror
2. The Furthest Shore II
3. The Mark
4. Lullaby (The River)
5. In Satan’s Name
6. Demise
7. The Chamber (Bonus Track)
8. Sorcerer (Bonus Track)