Super 8 – Retro Metro – CDD


Band: Super 8

Label: Think Like A Key Music

Format: CDD

Catalogue Number: TLAK1178


Step into a sonic time machine with Retro Metro, the eleventh album from Paul ‘Trip’ Ryan’s one-man powerhouse, SUPER 8. This captivating collection of twelve original songs, inspired by Ryan’s deep love for ’60s jangly guitar pop, showcases his mastery of the craft, weaving intricate melodies and irresistible hooks that feel both classic and cutting-edge indie.

Retro Metro marks Ryan’s first release on the Think Like A Key Music label, and it’s a testament to his enduring creativity and relentless pursuit of the perfect pop song. Get ready to fall in love with the sixties all over again – or maybe for the first time. This is an album that demands to be heard, felt, and celebrated.

1. Retro Metro Theme
2. Keep Doing It
3. Take It From Me
4. Lies
5. Almost Anything
6. Mary Jane
7. You Look Right Through Me
8. Tell It Like It Is
9. Every Word Is True
10. Just A Song
11. Another Me
12. Just Me & You

GENRE: Rock/Powerpop
BARCODE: 720053285697
RELEASE DATE: 28/06/2024

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