Surfin’ Wombatz, The – Night Bus To Skaro – CD

Band: Surfin’ Wombatz, The

Label: Western Star

Format: CD


New album by established UK Psychobilly band

1. Bank Holiday Punch Up On The Planet Of The Apes
2. Tattooed Trash
3. Nobody Wants To Wreck With Ray
4. Hey Poe Diddley
5. Dracula Lolly
6. Undead Doll
7. Trapped In My Bottle Of Beer
8. Goofer Dust
9. Night Bus To Skaro
10. Psychobilly Daleks
11. Monster Ravin’ Looney
12. Pickman’s Pin-Up Model
13. Spicy Brains

GENRE: Psychobilly
BARCODE: 0703694889844