This Winter Machine – Kites – CD

Band: This Winter Machine

Label: Plane Groovy

Format: CD


While this, the third album from This Winter Machine, sees a change of personnel, their ability to write and perform songs which are both tuneful and epic continues to shine through.

Leo Trimming at Prog Radar writes: “Kites can be blown about in many unpredictable directions but somehow they remain tethered to the ground, and that appears to be a perfect symbol of the journey of the third This Winter Machine album ‘Kites‘. Let’s face it, the world has taken a rather unexpected battering in the last couple of years, but, on another level, This Winter Machine have also faced considerable upheaval in that period, leaving the main man Al Winter to have to recruit a whole new band around him. Such disruption would have spelled the end of many bands but on the evidence of this album it appears that Al has used it as an opportunity for the band to be re-born.”

Al Winter has described the theme of the album as: “how we fight against life and the directions it blows us in… It’s about how we fight against being blown in the wind, but we don’t realise until we look back that these were some of the best days of our lives… we were buffeted by the wind but we always had the rope anchoring us to the ground… …and some day we’ll all be kites for the last time.“

Track listing:
1. Le Jour d’Avant 01:40
2. The Storm part 1 05:37
3. The Storm part 2 04:37
4. Limited 02:00
5. Pleasure & Purpose 06:35
6. This Heart’s Alive 06:31
7. Whirlpool 02:17
8. Broken 04:58
9. Sometimes 04:05
10. Kites 07:19

GENRE: Progressive Rock
BARCODE: 7426822210985