Totnwitz – Decomposed – CD

Band: Totnwitz

Label: Plane Groovy

Format: CD

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Over the last year or so the 3 members of Totenwitz decided to write and record a Metal Album. Because of the Pandemic they did this by swapping music files over the Internet. Each musician has his own studio built into his house. They have never actually met each other, Probably just as well!
Inspiration: Bill Liesegang sent John a French newspaper article about a Village in the Alps Maritimes that suffered from a flood. The village graveyard was destroyed and the inhabitants watched in horror as their relatives were swept away in the torrent. The article inspired John to compose the song Decomposed, which led to their virtual collaboration.

1. Cargo of the Living Dead
2. Do Ya?
3. Metal Heaven
4. Long Way to Fall
5. Totenwitz Cover Up
6. Crawl Back in Your Hole
7. Down to the Bone
8. Identify
9. On Hymers Avenue
10. Decomposed

GENRE: Metal
BARCODE: 7426822211326