Thos Aella – Sempiternal Mobocracies – CDD

Band: Thos Aella

Label: I, Voidhanger Records

Format: CDD


The solo project of guitarist Derrik “Ghoul” Goulding of FATHER BEFOULED fame, THOS ÆLLA is the aural manifestation of meditated abnegation and introspection, which can bring oneself to a higher place within our perceived reality. After a promising debut album (“Abnegation Psalms,” 2021), the band returns with “Sempiternal Mobocracies”, an indomitable electric beast that sinks its fangs into heavy metal, black metal and death metal.

Thanks to an ambitious and intricate songwriting, a fresh and energetic approach, and lyrics ranging from H.P. Lovecraft’s cosmic horror to Robert E. Howard’s tales of sword and sorcery, THOS ÆLLA bring together the epic black/thrash of Absu, the elaborate melodic phrasing of early Cradle Of Filth, the progressive heavy metal of Hammers Of Misfortune, the creativity of DanSwano, and the aggressiveness of death’n’roll. Wrapped in a old-school death metal painting by Raul Gonzalez, “Sempiternal Mobocracies” is a shape-shifting monster injecting its harsh venom into the beating heart of extreme metal.

1. Gazing Into The Eyes Of Faithless Servants (2:29)
2. Transcending Chronology Towards An Inexorable Future (3:25)
3. In Vein, The Oceans’ Black (4:50)
4. Backwards Afterbirth Flows Unto Dreaming Temples (4:55)
5. This Firestorm Of Retribution (3:33)
6. By The Night’s Embrace Eternal (5:25)
7. Bloodlust Inamorata (6:34)
8. Winds Of Pestilence Carry The Dust Of Angelic Bones (4:02)
9. Deep Within The Hexevoid, For Seven Aeons Slept (5:15)
10. Conjured To Conquer (We Drink From The Chalice Of Triumph) (7:41)
Total Time 48:00

GENRE: Black Death/Heavy Metal
BARCODE: 5902693145509