Tirith, The – Return Of The Lydia – CD

Band: Tirith, The

Label: Convergent

Format: CD

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The 3rd album from The Tirith. On this album the band revisit the space story featured on their first album “Tales from the Tower” with the epic opening track “Return of the Lydia”. As usual The Tirith cover many bases within the Prog Rock genre from powerful riff based sections to Prog ballads, but always with stunning guitar solos from Tim Cox. The material is song based and many have said the band are not directly comparable with any Prog band either past or present.

Two singles will be released on digital platforms only, ahead of release. These are “What Do You Say to an Alien” (part of the epic track Return of the Lydia) on 26th August, and Crystalwell on 23rd September. The release will be supported by a half page advert in the Sept issue of Prog Magazine, on sale 21st October 2022, and a full press and radio campaign.

1. Return of the Lydia
2. Dying to Live
3. My People
4. Go The Drifter
5. Crystalwell
6. The Uncertainty Principle
7. The Meeting of the Ways

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