Tirith, The – Tales From The Tower – CD

Band: Tirith, The

Label: Convergent

Format: CD

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The first album from The Tirith. Tales From The Tower is a rare album of real songs performed, interpreted and recorded in the modern progressive idiom, and features the songs of Tim Cox and Richard Cory. Most of the songs on this album are from the time of the first incarnation of The Tirith, they are the classic Tirith songs of our youth. Those songs have been taken, rearranged in some cases, lyrics have been supplemented, and the songs have been reinterpreted and presented for a new century and audience.

1. Farewell Fair Laurien 
2. Gin Lil 
3. Laurelae 
4. Home From the Sea 
5. The Daughter of the Water 
6. The Quest
7. Gazing at Stars
8. The Tower
9. Song of All Ages
10. Pioneers of the Outer Arm
11. Lost