Treatment – How Much Is Enough? – Vinyl


Band: Treatment

Label: Treatment Records

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: TR02


True Acid Wizards of the 1980s/1990s Psychedelic Underground TreaTmenT performed at Stonehenge Free Festival and at squats and clubs all over London including the now legendary Alice In Wonderland, The Crypt and Club Dog where they assaulted the minds of those present with their unique and somewhat terrifying blend of ‘60s psychedelia and ‘70s space rock all liberally spiked with a questioning punk attitude. Performing with Dr & The Medics, Ozric Tentacles, The Magic Mushroom Band, Naz Nomad and The Nightmares and other luminaries of the neo-psychedelic space rock revival, TreaTmenT were an integral part of the scene and possibly the most psychedelic band of them all.

Hardcore to the max, the band insisted on performing in a psychedelicised state, looking like a cross between Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come and early Pink Floyd and often with a lightshow. Firmly fixated on taking their audience on the trip of a lifetime TreaTment consisted of Adam Blake (Jacket Xerxophon) on guitar and vocals, Gordon Leach (Gordon Zola) on further guitar and vocals, Clive Leach (Evil C. Live, Ron Number, Curtis Vile) on bass/trombone, Paul Ross (The Big Beat, Mr Raagh) on drums/percussion and Paul McWhinnie (Mutant) on keyboards, noises and vocals. They were without doubt a live phenomenon, and although they released a couple of singles, cassettes, a live album and a
studio album – Cypher Caput – on the Delerium label (home to Porcupine Tree), they never really managed to commit their mind-blowing magic to vinyl. Now, nearly 20 years after it was recorded TreaTment are releasing a limited-edition double vinyl LP of their second studio album How Much is Enough? in memory of guitarist Gordon Leach who sadly passed away in 2021.

The album was intended to be released on Delerium in 2000 but never was and whilst one track ‘Keep Ahead’ appeared on the Cherry Red box set Last Daze of The Underground – Delerium Records Anthology in 2011 nothing else has seen the light of day until now. Fans of the band will note cornerstones of their live set such as the wondrously trippy ‘What The Hell to do’ the humorous swipe at the music press ‘Hate The Band’ the melodic keyboard swirling ‘Restless’, the frenetic guitar cross fire of ‘No Understanding’ and the nihilistic nightmare ‘Blot Out’.

Housed in a gatefold sleeve packed with photos and memorabilia as well as for the first time the full history of the band and limited to only 300 on 180-gram vinyl How Much is Enough? will no doubt be seen in the future as one of the landmark releases of the ‘80s/90s Neo-Psychedelic revival.

1. Restless 2. No Understanding 3. Hate the Band/What Happened? 4.Nine-Thirty Dub
5. Doncha Know 6. Keep Ahead 7. What the Hell to Do 8. Hazy Daze 9. Mind The Gap
10. Boat Wreck 11. Remote Viewing / Blot Out 12. Learning to Dive 13. Celebration
Blues 14. Some Truth or Other/Rowing Boat Theme

GENRE: Psychedelic
BARCODE: 0053517203143
RELEASE DATE: 28/06/2024

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