Tremeloes, The – Master (2024 Remaster) – CDD


Band: Tremeloes, The

Label: Think Like A Key Music

Format: CDD

Catalogue Number: TLAK1170


Kicking off the 70s, The Tremeloes, once 60s pop sensations, unveiled Master, an audacious departure from their hit covers and crowd-pleasers. This self-penned opus, newly remastered with bonus singles and outtakes, delves deep into the heavier, introspective soundscapes akin to Crosby, Stills & Nash. Master stands as a testament to the band’s transformative journey into rich, singer-songwriter territory, echoing the depth and complexity of Badfinger’s work.

Alan Blakley and Rick West’s guitar mastery, paired with compelling melodies, guide the album through bold explorations from the Hendrix-inspired “Boola Boola” to the psychedelic nuances of “Willow Tree” and “I Swear.” Featuring the chart toppers “Me And My Life” and “(Call Me) Number One,” Master emerges as a profound redefinition of The Tremeloes’ musical identity.

1. Wait For Me
2. Long Road
3. Now’s The Time
4. Try Me
5. But Then I
6. Before I Sleep
7. Boola Boola
8. I Swear
9. Baby
10. By The Way
11. Willow Tree
12. Me And My Life
13. (Call Me) Number One (Single Mix)
14. Instant Whip (Single Mix)
15. By The Way (Mono Single Mix)
16. Breakheart Motel (Single Mix)
17. Me And My Life (Mono Single Mix)
18. Try Me (Mono Single Mix)
19. Right Wheel, Left Hammer, Sham (Single Mix)
20. Take It Easy (Single Mix)
21. Hello Buddy (Single Mix)
22. My Woman (Single Mix)
23. What Can I Do (Master Out-Take)
24. Anything (Master Out-Take)

GENRE: Classic Rock/Oldies
BARCODE: 720053285604
RELEASE DATE: 31/05/2024

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