Trigger – Fission – Vinyl


Band: Trigger

Label: 783punx

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: LHC035
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Brand new album from Germany’s fastest band (since 2006) – TRIGGER !!!!
Anyone who already knows the band knows what to expect.
Anyone who doesn’t – BLASTBEAT WARNING! – 24 songs with a total playing time of 32 minutes. Speed wins again!!
Finest noise in the form of thrashcore, grind & power violence freshly transported from the 90s into modern times!

A1 Burdening Vestiges
A2 Silence
A3 Backward Trail
A4 Unconcerned Aprehension
A5 Final Equality
A6 Dust
A7 Branches
A8 Shame And Scorn
A9 Ripe For Decompose
A10 Pinnacle
B1 Fission
B2 Leeches
B3 Back In Times
B4 Hackneyed Words
B5 Blame Picking
B6 Fresh Start
B7 Compromises
B8 Walls
B9 Distressed Reality
B10 Piles
B11 Traitors
B12 Henchman
B13 Templates

GENRE: Thrashcore/Fastcore/Grindcore
BARCODE: 5070000422725

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