Ultha – Live At Soulcrusher 2022 – Vinyl

Band: Ultha

Label: Soulcrusher Records

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: SC01


The music of the five‐piece band Ultha, hailing from Cologne, can roughly be described as a hybrid of black metal, doom and dark wave. Their new album ‘All That Has Never Been True’ is truly an emotional and captivating journey of the highest order. Where a seething nihilism has always raged through their work, feelings of pressure, despair but also clarity and resignation rise to the surface. Lyrically the band doesn’t follow any classical metal cliches, instead ruminating about the inner darkness and sadness of our human struggle to find happiness and getting lost in its failures.

Live At Soulcrusher is the second live album by Ultha after the Live At Roadburn Festival 2017 tape release. The gig at Soulcrusher was recorded in multitrack and mixed and mastered by the bands own Andreas Roszyk.

Forever Always Comes to an End
Der alte Feind (Jeder Tag reißt Wunden)
Haloes in Reverse
Rats Gorged the Moon… And All Fell Silent

GENRE: Blackgaze
BARCODE: 9504539332195