Varhara – Pustotsvet – CD


Band: Varhara

Label: These Hands Melt

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: HAND07CD


On their second full-length album, the russian four-piece band Varhara steers toward a radical change in style compared to their debut “Осы“ (2021). While firmly rooted in the dense and contemplative post-black stylized by russian bands such as SOMN, Rozh and Olhava, “Пустоцвет” (Voidflower) is filled with gothic-doom overtones, balancing on the dreamy, light and heavier sides of black metal. Full of sorrow and of hope, escapism from a reality too bleak to be accepted.

1. Ветер (Wind)
2. Воск (Wax)
3. Дезинсектор (Exterminator)
4. Фантом (Phantom)
5. Аврора (Aurora)
6. Титан (Titan)

GENRE: Post-Black Metal
BARCODE: 806812229765
RELEASE DATE: 18/08/2023

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