Various Artists – A Crack In The Sky – A Tribute To William J Tsamis – CDD

Band: Various Artists

Label: Pitch Black Records

Format: CDD


The Official Tribute to William J Tsamis – 16-track album honouring legendary guitarist/composer.
A true hero of the Heavy Metal underground and beyond, the legacy of guitarist and composer William J Tsamis will forever be deeply intertwined with the name of WARLORD. Among the main distinguishing factors that contributed to WARLORD’s elevated position in the pantheon of US Metal is the characteristic and classically-trained guitar- and song-writing prowess of William J Tsamis. In addition to his work with WARLORD, William J Tsamis also channelled his creativity into the lesser known, but equally potent and arguably more personal projects LORDIAN WINDS and LORDIAN GUARD.

Although WARLORD never attained mass popularity on the magnitude of some other acts at the time, the continued impact of William J Tsamis’ works on Heavy Metal should not be underestimated. Like all great guitarist-composers, Tsamis developed his own mode of expression that is as instantly recognizable as it is difficult to pin down with words. Such a unique approach always wins out in the end, and the upcoming tribute album is a testament to the influential role William Tsamis’ music has played, and continues to play, on Heavy Metal musicians of all backgrounds and ages across the globe.

Approved and endorsed by WARLORD’s management, “A Crack in the Sky” features brand new recordings of timeless classics, all exceptionally covered by 16 outstanding bands, young and old, hailing from different parts of the world. Clocking in at just a few seconds over 79 minutes, this is as “full” an album as it could possibly get! Special mention must be made to the album’s liner notes which include a foreword by Mark Zonder along with brief statements by each participating band. Furthermore, a few industry individuals and artists have been invited to share their thoughts about Bill Tsamis in a special “In Memoriam” section within the album’s liner notes. Mastering and additional mastering was handled by renowned producer Arthur Rizk.

1. MIRROR – Aliens
2. SUMERLANDS – Lost and Lonely Days
3. STRAY GODS – War in Heaven
4. TWISTED TOWER DIRE – Mrs. Victoria
5. CLAYMOREAN – 70,000 Sorrows
6. ETERNAL CHAMPION – Stygian Passage
7. ARRAYAN PATH – The Rainbow
8. FORSAKEN – Lucifer’s Hammer
9. FIREWÖLFE – Battle of the Living Dead
10. STEEL SHOCK – Child of the Damned
11. SOLITARY SABRED – Black Mass
12. WOTAN – Winds of Thor
13. REFLECTION – Winter Tears
14. GALAXY – Penny for a Poor Man
15. COMET RIDER – Soliloquy
16. SOCRATES LEPTOS – A Crack in the Sky (Outro)
Total running time: 79:23

GENRE: Heavy Metal
BARCODE: 0642380882144