Various Artists – Destination Forbidden Planet 37 Outer Space Shock Treatments – CD

Band: Various Artists

Label: Bear Family Records

Format: CD


1950s and 1960s music from Outta Space
1‐CD (Jewelcase) with 16‐page booklet, 37 tracks. Total playing time approx. 79 min.

– Whether ‘Forbidden Planet’ or ‘Visitors from Space’ ‐ here the fan of 1950s Sci‐Fi movies gets his money’s worth!
– This release in Bear Family’s ‘Destination’ series deals with the unexplainable, the other dimension, and last but not least with interplanetary horror ‐ but it also really rocks out.
– 37 tracks from 1951‐1965 answer the most urgent questions: does the forbidden planet exist, and are there beings from outer space?
 – Of course, we hear various interpretations by famous artists, including Louis Prima, Billy Lee Riley or Judy Garland!
– In addition, plenty of unknown rarities that would have deserved chart success, many of them for the first time on CD!
– Furthermore: two exceptional guitarists in a class of their own: Billy Mure and George Barnes! Both with outstanding Outer Space instrumentals!
– Artists from different nations, among others Freddy Sunder from Belgium and Winifred Atwell and Don Lang from Great Britain.
– This extraterrestrial music cocktail is rounded off with original movie trailers and some monumental orchestral interludes à la David Rose and Jimmie Haskell.
– The 16‐page color booklet contains info on each track by producer Marc Mittelacher and many photos and illustrations, some of them rare.

Forbidden Planet
The forbidden planet ‐ what is the story behind it? And what are the ‘Purple People Eater’,
the Blood Beasts and the Robot Men? Beings from another world? Visitors from outer space? All these questions can only be answered by this CD. What’s more, it rocks and swings, not only on Earth, but also on Mars, Jupiter, the Moon and, of course, the forbidden planet.

Outer Space shock treatment
It drives the cold sweat in the neck, because the horror from space, it is coming!
Fortunately, though, there are soothing sounds to breathe in between, for instance when Billy Lee Riley rocks with the little green men, Ella Fitzgerald swings on a flying saucer, or the doo‐wop sound of the Jive Five, Larks, Cues or of Johnny Greco exudes merriment. Bill Buchanan finds ‘The Thing’ on a beach at night while the guitars of Billy Mure and Dean Hightower, better known as George Barnes, chase through orbit. Monumental sounds, in the classic sense of old sci‐fi movie soundtracks, bring sonic climaxes as it comes from topnotch orchestras, from David Rose, Dick Jacobs, Jimmie Haskell and Tony Hatch.

Of course, there’ s also really hot and heavy rock ‘n’ roll to the ears with Billy Lee Riley, Brit Don Lang as well as a host of rockers such as Merv Griffin, Jackie Fautheree, Pat and The Satellites, Billy Mize, Andy Dio, who have worked for small labels, and much more. The grand finale offers another highlight with a terrific live version of Sheb Wooley’s Purple People Eater, interpreted by the great Judy Garland, giving our CD a worthy happy ending!

The CD comes with a 16‐page booklet in color with info on each track, compiled and written by Marc Mittelacher, as well as many partly rare photos and illustrations!

Track listing:
01 Visitors From Space (From ‘It Came From Outer Space’) ‐ Dick Jacobs & His Orch
02 Destination 2100 And 65 ‐ The Cues
03 Spaceship Boogie ‐ Winifred Atwell & Her Piano
04 Planet Named Desire ‐ Billy Mize
05 Rock‐et ‐ Teacho & The Students
06 Beep! Beep! ‐ Louis Prima
07 Rocket Ride ‐ Johnny Greco
08 Rockin’ In The Orbit (Space Satellite) ‐ Jimmie Haskell & His Orchestra
09 Detomic Orbit ‐ Dave & The Detomics
10 Movie Trailer – Plan 9 From Outer Space
11 Satellite ‐ Andy Dio & The Hi‐Ways
12 (Ooey Gooey) Green Cheese ‐ Freddie Montell
13 Movie Trailer – Blood Beast From Outer Space V
14 Moon Dawg ‐ The Gamblers
15 Robot Man ‐ Jamie Horton
16 Movie Trailer – Radar Men From The Moon
17 Guitars In Space ‐ Billy Mure
18 Moon Rocket ‐ Dean Hightower (George Barnes)
19 Rockin’ In The Rocket Room ‐ The Larks
20 Red Planet Rock ‐ Don Lang & His Frantic Five
21 Jupiter‐C ‐ Pat & The Satellites
22 Forbidden Planet ‐ David Rose & His Orchestra
23 First Man On Mars ‐ Jackie Fauthree
24 Knocked Out Joint On Mars ‐ Buck Trail
25 Movie Trailer – Invaders From Mars
26 People From Another World ‐ The Jive Five
27 The Thing ‐ Bill Buchanan
28 Movie Trailer – The Thing That Couldn’t Die
29 Flyin’ Saucers Rock ‘n’ Roll ‐ Billy Lee Riley & The Little Green Men
30 Two Little Men In A Flying Saucer ‐ Ella Fitzgerald with Sy Oliver Orchestra
31 Flying Saucers ‐ Freddy Sunder
32 Movie Trailer – Robot Monster
33 The Fang ‐ Nervous Norvus
34 Movie Trailer – It Came From Outer Space
35 The Screamin’ Meemies From Planet ‘X’ ‐ Merv Griffin
36 Out Of This World (From the TV show) ‐ Tony Hatch & His Orchestra
37 Purple People Eater (Live) ‐ Judy Garland

GENRE: Rock N Roll/Pop
BARCODE: 5397102176173