Various Artists – Destination Freeway – CD

Band: Various Artists

Label: Bear Family

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: BCD17716


1-CD with 20-page booklet, 33 tracks. Total playing time approx. 78 min.

North America was fast becoming the leading automobile nation. The vastness of the country, with its great distances, coupled with an inventive spirit and rapidly growing prosperity since the 1950s, provided the ideal breeding ground for the development and proliferation of fascinating automobiles.
Early on, most vehicles had car radios that played around the clock the music for traveling and cruising that we have selected for this compilation.

Whether driving down Route 66 from Chicago to L.A. or heading for the sunset on the next freeway, whether Riding In The Moonlight or parking on the sinful mile of Lover’s Lane, these songs from the fascinating era of the 1950s and early 1960s tell stories based on adventures and describe that feeling of following the seemingly endless highways with a juicy 8-cylinder under the long hood or just cruising, for fun, from diner to diner.

Focus on Rock ‘n’ Roll
Most of the recordings on ‘Destination Freeway’ are pure Rock ‘n’ Roll. This is evidenced not only by extremely popular artists like Gene Vincent, but also by a host of lesser-known rockabillies, most of whose original singles are hard to find today. A number of groovy rhythm & blues numbers by Al Brown & His Tunetoppers, Clarence Garlow, Chuck Willis and Howlin’ Wolf are also represented, as is the vocal group fraction: Doo-Wop with The Spaniels, The Premiers, Aquatones, Del Vikings or Sammy Hagan & The Viscounts.

Variety comes with Dinah Shore, The Lancers and comedy movie star Jerry Lewis in the form of three pop songs, including a historic sound document sung by Dinah Shore for a Chevrolet commercial.
Driving and rock ’n’ roll – inextricably linked. So get in the car, turn on the music and go for it!
Various – Destination… – Destination Freeway – 33 Cruisin’ Deuces for your Summer Spectacular (CD) CD 1

01 See The U.S.A. In Your Chevrolet Dinah Shore
02 Stop Jivin’, Start Drivin’ Burt Keyes
03 Freeway U.S.A. The Bonnevilles
04 Jolene The Premiers
05 The Drive-In The Aquqtones
06 Wow, Man! Bobby Jackson
07 Automobiles The Spaniels
08 Convertible Car Wally Hughes
09 Route 66 Al Brown & His Tunetoppers
10 Pididdle (The Car With One Light) Buzz Clifford
11 Tail Light Sammy Hagan and The Viscounts
12 Flat Tire The Del Vikings
13 Route 90 Clarence Garlow
14 Keep-A-Driving Chuck Willis
15 Cruisin Central Faron Warmer
16 Cruisin’ Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps
17 Long Black Automobile Don Elliott
18 Long Black Shiny Car Mike Page
19 Big Green Car Jimmy Carroll
20 Hop In My Jalop Chuck Alaimo Quartet
21 Hey Little Car Hop George Weston
22 Fairlane Rock Hayden Thompson
23 55 Chevy Hoyt Stevens & The Tennessee Ramblers
24 Cruisin’ Bucky & Premieres
25 Soupin’ Up Your Motor Linda Laurie
26 Nine More Miles (The ‘Faster Faster’ Song) Georgie Young and The Rockin’ Bocs
27 Sunday Driving Jerry Lewis
28 Why Don’t You People Learn How To Drive (Stereo) Gene Vincent
29 Get Out Of The Car The Lancers
30 Get Your Daddy’s Car Tonight Lorrae Desmond
31 Riding In The Moonlight Howlin’ Wolf
32 Wheels Sonny Sheets
33 Take A Ride With Me Johnny Reddq

GENRE: Rock N Roll
BARCODE: 4000127177162