Various Artists – Melting Butter Sessions – This Charming Man Live At Rama Tonstudio Vol.1 – Vinyl

Band: Various Artists

Label: This Charming Man Records

Format: Vinyl


This is a special compilation celebrating the 10th birthday of the TCM Label and the long lasting friendship to Chris Bethge, one of the Masterminds behind the Rama Studios in Mannheim and strong force of the infamous Melting Butter Sessions, which hosted a lot of TCM Bands in the past years. we took the best sessions (all one takes without overdubs and such) and curated this Compilation. The art direction came from long tiome friend and designer Benedikt Demmer (Druckwelle). All bands participated with exclusive/alternative Versions and wrote linernotes about their experience at the studio.

The Lps come with an inside out printed heavy cardboard cover, all on 180 Gramm Wax in 3 Colours!

Fjort “Schnaiserkitt”
The Tidal Sleep “Kissing Clocks”
Criminal Body “Never Alone” (EXCLUSIVE)
Tausend Augen „Mana Mana“
Hysterese “Echo”
Euternase “Scheintot” (EXCLUSIVE)
Orbit The Earth “Fading Transmission”

GENRE: Punk/Postpunk
BARCODE: 4059251462712