Various Artists – On The Dance Floor With A Twist – 25 Tunes To Twist It Up! – CDD

Band: Various Artists

Label: Bear Family

Format: CDD


The whole world was Twisting during the early 1960s. It was the dance craze to end all dance crazes, bands around the globe jumping on the bandwagon to add their own variations to the theme. We ended up with a massive repository of Twist recordings, two dozen of them comprising ‘On The Dance Floor With a Twist.’ Naturally, the man who started it all, Hank Ballard, is aboard, though not with the anthem that you might expect. Jerry Lee Lewis tearing through I’ve Been Twistin’ might be a shocker to the uninitiated, while veteran bluesman Piano Red’s The Double Twist is a delight.

The Isley Brothers, Gary ‘U.S.’ Bonds, Jo Ann Campbell, and Danny and The Juniors check in with classics, while The Ventures, the Glen Campbell‐led Gee Cees, and The Champs prove that no lyrics were required to go Twisting. Eddie Clearwater’s Twist Like This will leave you swearing you’re hearing a lost Chuck Berry classic; Dale Hawkins waxed his Do The Twist live in Miami, and The Top Notes’ original Twist And Shout is a real eye‐opener. Obscurities by Billy Nix, The Zircons, The Chavis Brothers, and Billy Barnette and The Searchers are topped off by a marathon Chicken Twist by Paul Livert and The Lions. If this collection doesn’t get you up and moving, consider yourself expired!

01 Good Twistin’ Tonight ‐ Hank Ballard & The Midniters
02 The Double Twist ‐ Piano Red
03 Twist And Shout ‐ The Top Notes
04 Tequila Twist ‐ The Champs
05 I’ve Been Twistin’ ‐ Jerry Lee Lewis
06 Steelball Twist ‐ Dee Page & His Western Allstars
07 Stomp, Shake And Twist ‐ Billy Barnette & The Searchers
08 Twist Twist Senora ‐ Gary U.S. Bonds
09 Slow Twistin’ ‐ The Marvelettes
10 Moon Twist ‐ Billy Nix
11 Twist Like This ‐ Eddy Clearwater
12 Twistin’ U.S.A. ‐ Danny & The Juniors
13 No Twistin’ On Sunday ‐ The Zircons
14 Mama Don’t Want No Twistin’ ‐ Jo Ann Campbell
15 Guitar Twist ‐ The Ventures
16 Tail End Twist ‐ Kirby Ladner
17 Teen Twist ‐ Buddy Miller
18 Do The Twist (live) ‐ Dale Hawkins & The Escapades
19 Twist All Wrong ‐ The Miller‐Olsen Combo
20 The Ivory Twist ‐ The Chavis Brothers
21 Buzz Saw Twist ‐ The Gee‐Cees
22 Louisiana Twist ‐ June ‘Bug’ Bailey
23 Twistin’ Fever ‐ The Marcels
24 Twistin’ With Linda ‐ The Isley Brothers
25 The Chicken Twist ‐part I ‐ Paul Livert & The Lions

GENRE: Rock’n’roll
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