Various Artists – On The Dance Floor With A Twist Again – CDD

Band: Various Artists

Label: Bear Family

Format: CDD

Catalogue Number: BCD17667


Last year’s ‘On The Dancefloor With a Twist’ compilation (BCD17666) was so much fun that it’s time for round two!

It’s another jam-packed tribute to the dance sensation that swept the globe during the early ‘60s, containing 23 more workouts that’ll have you lacing your Twist shoes up tight. Naturally, the originators of The Twist, Hank Ballard and The Midnighters, are liberally represented with two more stellar examples of their historic invention (Do You Know How To Twist and Mr. Twister). The Isley Brothers’ classic Twist And Shout and The Marvelettes’ Twistin’ Postman are here as well.

But plenty of singers not usually associated with dance also turn up, including Louis Prima and his deadpan distaff partner Keely Smith, Connie Francis, Linda Hopkins, and Billy Riley (as Darron Lee).
Guitar wizards Dick Dale, Wild Jimmy Spruill, and Phil Baugh peel off red-hot licks in service of their Twist instrumentals; even Chicago bluesmen Freddy King and Smokey Smothers jumped into the craze.
Included too is the second half of Paul Livert & The Lions’ epic Chicken Twist, which took up the entirety of Side 2 of their 1962 album.

The compilation closes with Robby Lawrence’s The Twist To End All Twists – but in reality, this Twist party is just getting underway!

Various Artists – On The Dancefloor With A Twist Again! – 23 More Tunes to Twist It Up (CD)

01 Better Twist Now Baby Louis Prima
02 Twistin’ The Night Away Keely Smith
03 Scatch’n Twist Wild Jimmy Spruill
04 Mama’s Doin’ The Twist Linda Hopkins
05 Everbody’s Twisting Darron Lee (Bill Lee Riley)
06 Memphis Twist Billy Adams
07 Bumble Twist Phil Baugh
08 Moon Twist Chuck Dallis
09 Do You Know How To Twist Hank Ballard & The Midniters
10 Twist And Shout The Isley Brothers
11 Twist Around The Clock Clay Cole
12 Twist At The Top Howie Casey & The Seniors
13 Let’s Twist Again Tony Sheridan & The Beat Brothers
14 Twistin’ Postman The Marvelettes
15 Twist With Me Annie Smokey Smothers
16 Twisting On Bandstand The Sprouts
17 Miserlou Twist Dick Dale & The Del-Tones
18 Mr. Twister Connie Francis
19 Miss Twister Hank Ballard & The Midniters
20 Cajun Twist The Cajun Trio
21 The Bossa Nova Watusi Twist Freddy King
22 Chicken Twist -part II Paul Livert & The Lions
23 The Twist To End All Twists Robby Lawrence

GENRE: Rock N Roll
BARCODE: 4000127176677