Various Artists – Road Hawg! 33 Motorcycle Street Beats – CDD

Band: Various Artists

Label: Bear Family

Format: CDD

Catalogue Number: BCD17708


The Wild One
Once you’ve been on a bike, you will not want to give it up. Riding a motorcycle became a synonym for
freedom already at the beginning of the 20th century. In those days you probably could feel that freedom even more than today, because there was neither the obligation to wear a safety gear nor a lot of traffic signs. In the early 1950s, music and film took up this phenomenon; in 1953, the first real motorcycle movie was made. ‘The Wild One’ starred Marlon Brando and Lee Marvin as legendary antagonists. This compilation provides excerpts from the film and, among others, the motorcycle sequence from ‘Roustabout’ with Elvis Presley!

Most of the songs on ‘Road Hawg!’ were recorded during the wild decades of greasers and bikers, the
1950s and ’60s, including the legendary song Motorcycle by Tico & The Triumphs, an early recording with the collaboration of Simon & Garfunkel. Things get country-heavy at the end of the 1960s with Charlie Ryan and Johnny Bond, while France contributes psychedelic pop. The seventies also produced plenty of motorcycle classics, such as Motorbikin’ by Chris Spedding, heard here in Billy Idol(!)’s version.

We have deliberately avoided titles like Born To Be Wild or Sweet Home Alabama, because they have
already been released umpteen times. Instead, we opted for the punky 1979 recording of Motorcycle by the virtually unknown Billy Balls, for example. The 1970s and ’80s revival produced some excellent rockabilly motorcycle songs by Crazy Cavan, Robert Gordon with Danny Gatton, and by the Catmen with their version of the Chris Isaak hit Gone Ridin’. Rare recordings and big hits are united here, delicately remastered for perfect listening pleasure. Now get up on the bike and turn on the sound! ‘Both Wheels Left The Ground!’

01 2000 Indian Super Chief Motorcycle Rev Various
02 The Wild One Johnny Horton
03 Black Denim Trousers And Motorcycle Boots The Cheers
04 What Are You Rebelling Against? (Speech from ‘The Wild
One’ Marlon Brando & Cast
05 The Wild One Shorty Rogers & His Orchestra
06 Real Wild Child The Bell Notes
07 Fire Engine Red Bandana (Motorcycle Queen) Tommy Payne
08 Bad Motorcycle The Storey Sisters (aka The Twinkles)
09 Motorcycle Millie Garrett Williams
10 Motorcycle Jack Terry Ann
11 Street Beat Lenny & The Thundertones
12 Side Car Cycle Johnny Bond
13 Leroy Nita, Rita And Ruby
14 Motorcycle Mike Dave Day
15 Leather Jacket Motorcycle Rider Otto Brandenburg
16 Leather Jacket Leroy Van Dyke
17 Wheels On My Heels Elvis Presley
18 Motorcycle Michael Jo Ann Campbell
19 The Big Black Jacket Marcel St. Jean
20 Motorcycle Tico & The Triumphs
21 Jet Black Machine Vince Taylor & The Playboys
22 Hot Rod Harley Charlie Ryan
23 She’s A Bad Motorcycle The Crestones
24 Motorcycle Man Floyd Robinson
25 Hell’s Angels Johnny Bond
26 Harley Davidson Brigitte Bardot
27 Motorride Long Tall Ernie & The Shakers
28 Motorcycle Billy Balls
29 Motor Bikin’ Billy Idol
30 My Little Sister’s Got A Motorbike Crazy Cavan ‘N’ The Rhythm
31 Gone Ridin’ The Catmen
32 Too Fast To Live, Too Young To Die Robert Gordon & Danny Gatton
33 Wheels Left The Ground Crazy Cavan ‘N’ The Rhythm Rockers

GENRE: Rock N Roll
BARCODE: 4000127177087