Various Artists – Rockin’ With The Krauts, Vol.3: Rock’n’roll Made In Germany – CD

Band: Various Artists

Label: Bear Family

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: BCD17643


Third CD release in our series with ‘60s Rock and Roll, Pop and Schlager from Germany
1‐CD (Digipak) with 36‐page booklet, 33 tracks. Total playing time approx. 77 min.
PLEASE, NOTE: Liner notes in German language!

While the church, law enforcers and the politically retarded countered the wild hordes of semi‐starlets and hedonistic teenagers with perfidious tricks and brute force, a very unique German variant of rock & roll emerged. The writers and musicians were particularly taken with the twist. In the USA, one dance style chased the next, while in Germany, people continued to compose twist. So we were spared grotesque quick‐fire creations like the ‘Wattenscheid Watusi’ and the ‘Fürst Metternich Madison’.

Bear Family Records® presents with the third part of ‘Rockin’ With The Krauts’ rare, forgotten and even totally wacky tunes: Freddy Quinn’s At The Hop shines with a very ambitious drummer, Horst Jankowski works off Jack Scott’s The Way I Walk and Toni Cavanaugh tries to understand the Hamburg slang with the Hummel Twist!

Italian shouter Rita Pavone has immortalized herself in the German charts with the twist rocker Wenn ich ein Junge wär and the Odd Persons are in no way inferior to the Yardbirds and their title Jeff’s Boogie with Odd’s Boogie. Will Brandes whips through Elvis’ King Creole and rocks the hell out of it, while Chubby Checker probably delivers his hardest rock number here with Autobahn‐Baby! As a bonus, there is the crazy Bundesbahn Blues by the Austrian Helmut Qualtinger, which today has more relevance than ever!

Track listing:
01 Heisse Musik ‐ Christa Casper & Fatty George
02 Tutti Frutti ‐ Tobi Fichelscher
03 Baby Rock ‐ Fred Jasper
04 Wunderland (Trouble In Paradise) ‐ Ted Herold
05 Hummel‐Twist ‐ Tony Cavanaugh
06 Lonely Blue Boy ‐ Dieter Kersten & die Rocking Stars
07 At The Hop ‐ The Manhattans mit Freddy Quinn
08 Der King (King Of The Whole Wide World) ‐ Die Missouris
09 King Creole ‐ Will Brandes
10 My Bonnie (German Intro) ‐ Tony Sheridan & The Beat Brothers
11 Susi Twist ‐ Jimmy Ward with Oety & His Real Rockers
12 Sag’ das nicht weiter (Hats Off To Larry) ‐ Ronny Twen & die Perrys
13 The Lion (Wimoweh) ‐ The Rivets
14 Halbstark ‐ Die Yankees
15 Shake Baby Shake (Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On) ‐ The Original Team‐Beats
16 Rickets Special ‐ The Rickets
17 Susi sagt es Gaby ‐ Peter Kraus
18 Wenn ich ein Junge wär ‐ Rita Pavone
19 Hello ‐ The Rattles
20 So wie ich eben bin (The Way I Walk) ‐ Horst Jankowski
21 Ich glaub’ Dir nicht ‐ The Gisha Brothers
22 Giddy Up A Ding‐Dong ‐ Fred Jasper
23 Tina Darling (Shake, Rattle And Roll) ‐ The Rocking Stars
24 Odd’s Boogie ‐ The Odd Persons
25 Cadillac ‐ The Pipelines
26 Autobahn Baby ‐ Chubby Checker
27 Shame, Shame, Shame ‐ The Rattles
28 Stampfmühlen Twist ‐ Gust Claer & The Fendermen
29 Carol ‐ The Pralins
30 Sweet Little Rock And Roller ‐ Peter Reese & The Pages
31 Mean Woman Blues ‐ The Rocking Stars
32 Kitty Cat ‐ Hans Baxer
33 Der Bundesbahn Blues ‐ Helmut Qualtinger

GENRE: Rock’n’roll/Beat/Schlager
BARCODE: 4000127176431