Various Artists – Sea Conditions – Swell Songs And Shanties For Breezy People – CD

Band: Various Artists

Label: Bear Family

Format: CD


Mankind has always been mesmerized by the ocean – by water in general – sensing that all life came from the sea, even before contemporary science came up with a proof. And yes, life as we cherish it is often at stake when gigantic waves interfere with our little whimsy dreams, plans, and pursuits. Nevertheless, the ocean’s fluidity, depth, vastness, and sheer power have inspired humankind to create great poetry, mythologize the vast waters, and build religions and pantheons of heroes around them. Before mankind could fly, before there was outer space, and our kind had the technology to launch our mortal shell into the realms beyond, there was the lure of the seven seas. Polynesians, Vikings, Phoenicians, and many other peoples traveled the daring deserts of water to explore, trade, dominate and answer our ever-present need for change.

It is no wonder that man tried to portray the miracles, adventures, horrors, and beauty in song – to get a grasp, brag, immortalize, enjoy, and entertain: With his new production for Bear Family Records®, ‘Sea Conditions: Swell Songs and Shanties for Breezy People’ (BCD17563), Marc Mittelacher offers a wide array of nautical ditties. From shanties like Drunken Sailor to folk classics like My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean (in a windy western swing version by Texan fiddler Cliff Bruner), Marc follows the trade winds to charm us with everything from Tiki-Kitsch to Mambo Mania. Along the way, he presents the inevitable La Paloma (by none other than Nova Scotian Hank Snow), as well as the obscure like Petula Clark’s longing song Sailor. And to tell all you landlubbers about the wondrous places our wanderlust has led us to, we come Rollin’ Home with The Easy Riders.

From Jimmie Driftwood to The Kingston Trio, from Martin Denny to Pee Wee King’s Golden West Cowboys, from professional ballad-mongers to dead-earnest folk singers – ‘Sea Conditions: Swell Songs and Shanties for Breezy People’ has it all and calls you to sea – or to your bathtub at least. So, join us – drink, dream, dance – and drift away on the seven seas of song!

01 Blue Tatoo – The Four Lads
02 Earlye In The Morning (Drunken Sailor) – The Roger Wagner Chorale
03 The Tattooed Lady – The Kingston Trio
04 Driftwood At Sea – Jimmie Driftwood
05 Fisher’s Hornpipe (traditional) – Pee Wee King & His Golden West Cowboys
06 Mackerel Fleet – Terry Gilkyson with The Mello Men
07 Blow Ye Winds – The Kingston Trio
08 Fifteen Men On Dead Man’s Chest – The Roger Wagner Chorale with Harve Presnell
09 Santy Anny-O – Jimmie Driftwood
10 La Paloma – Hank Snow
11 Sailor – Petula Clark
12 Life On The Ocean Waves – The Easy Riders
13 Bonny Hielan’ Laddie – The Kingston Trio
14 La Mer – Charles Trenet
15 The Sea Is Green – The Easy Riders
16 Sailing Away On The Ocean – Jimmie Driftwood
17 The Enchanted Sea – Martin Denny
18 Treasure Island – Gary Mills
19 Coast Of California – The Kingston Trio
20 Sailor, Sailor Marry Me – Jimmie Driftwood
21 Sailing, Sailing – The Roger Wagner Chorale
22 Rollin’ Home – The Easy Riders
23 Blow The Candle Out – The Kingston Trio
24 The Ship That Never Returned – Jimmie Driftwood
25 Windjammer – The Easy Riders
26 Erie Canal – The Roger Wagner Chorale
27 My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean – Cliff Bruner’s Texas Wanderers
28 Haul Away – The Kingston Trio
29 Eddystone Light – The Easy Riders
30 With You My Johnny – The Kingston Trio
31 The Drunken Sailor – Leonard Warren

GENRE: Folk/Shanties/Mambo/ Tiki/Pop/Country
BARCODE: 4000127175632