Various Artists – That’ll Flat Git It! Vol.40 – CDD

Band: Various Artists

Label: Bear Family Records

Format: CDD


That’ll Flat Git It! Vol. 40
Rockabilly & Rock ‘n’ Roll From The Vaults Of MGM, Cub and Metro Records (CD)
1‐CD (Digipak) with 36‐page booklet, 32 tracks. Total playing time approx. 70 min.

Dewey Phillips (1926 ‐ 1968), a humorous Dee Jay from Memphis, who regularly introduced white and black musicians in his broadcasts since 1949, wrote Rock & Roll history when he played Elvis Presley’s first single on the radio in July 1954. From his verbal signature ‘That’ll Flat Git It!’, Bear Family Records® borrowed in 1992 the title of our long‐running label‐by‐label rockabilly series featuring the record company’s best rocking recordings!

The fortieth issue is dedicated to the catalogs of M‐G‐M Records and its two sub‐labels, Cub and Metro ‐ we first featured rockabilly and rock’ n’ roll on M‐G‐M before the turn of the millennium. With BCD 15789 ‘That’ll Flat Git It! Vol. 7’ there is no overlapping.

M‐G‐M Records was founded in 1946 by film production company Metro Goldwyn Mayer as a record label to release soundtracks, but was open to a wide variety of musical genres from the beginning. M‐G‐M jumped into rockabilly when that genre of music literally exploded in the mid‐50s! For our recent visit to M‐G‐M, we’ve chosen better‐known rockers like Buck Griffin, Marvin Rainwater and Andy Starr alongside less popular performers like Gary Walker, George McCormick (part of the country duo George & Earl), Ricky Scott, Rita Faye, Bob Riley and Don Ruby, a.o. Before rockabilly was the order of the day, Don Gibson and Arthur ‘Guitar Boogie’ Smith each recorded two furiously cracking country rockers, which we also present here.

Chicago music writer Bill Dahl has written the extensive liner notes with many biographical details and interview excerpts, and the recordings have been compiled from the best sources, often from our own archives. The lavishly illustrated booklet features some littleknown images ‐ another milestone in our groundbreaking label documentation on the history of rockabilly!

Track listing:
01 Troubles (Those Lonesome Kind) ‐ Billy Jack Wills & His Western Swing Band
02 Rockin’ Piano ‐ Outta Tune Guitar ‐ Don Ruby
03 Teen‐Age Rebel ‐ Arthur Smith & His Cracker‐Jacks
04 I Ain’t Gonna Waste My Time ‐ Don Gibson
05 No Room For Your Kind ‐ Andy Starr
06 Doubt ‐ George McCormick
07 Honey I’m Lonesome (The Telegraph Sound) ‐ Sheb Wooley
08 Runaway Heart ‐ Gary Walker
09 Doin’ My Time ‐ Bill Flagg
10 Indian Rock ‐ Randy Atcher
11 The Midnight Line ‐ Bob Riley
12 Shot Four Times And Dying ‐ Bill Carter
13 The Blues Moved In This Morning ‐ George McCormick
14 Bow My Back ‐ Buck Griffin
15 I Didn’t Mean It ‐ Ricky Scott
16 Wicked ‐ Ronnie Isle & The Blisters
17 My Brand Of Blues ‐ Marvin Rainwater
18 Makin’ Up With You ‐ Gary Walker
19 Your Way ‐ Arthur Smith & His Cracker‐Jacks
20 She’s A Going Jessie ‐ Andy Starr
21 I Vibrate (From My Head To My Feet) ‐ Conway Twitty
22 One Night Stand ‐ Kenny Lee Martin
23 The Customary Thing ‐ Johnny Rivers
24 Hop In My Jalop ‐ Chuck Alaimo Quartet
25 Bandstand Baby ‐ Jan & Jerry
26 Shake My Hand (Meet Mr. Blues) ‐ Jack Turner
27 Jessie Lee ‐ Buck Griffin
28 Everybody’s Got To Go Sometime ‐ Gary Walker
29 I Ain’t A‐Studying Baby ‐ Don Gibson
30 Frost On My Roof ‐ Jimmy Swan
31 Dance Me Daddy ‐ Marvin Rainwater
32 We’ve Got Some Dreaming To Do ‐ Rita Faye

GENRE: Vintage Rockabilly/Rock N Roll
BARCODE: 5397102176524