Vinsta – Freiweitn – CD


Band: Vinsta

Label: Eisenwald

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: EISEN233DIGICD
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Above the highest peak, an endless horizon opens. It’s the uplifting feeling of being elevated above the
mundane profanities that characterize VINSTA’s unique vision of Alpine-themed Progressive Death

On its third album „Freiweitn“, the project reflects upon nature, existence and the universe, conveying an ever-present sense of freedom and transcendence. Eisenwald is honoured to present you with this adventurous mixture of dark metal stylings, delicate melodies and Austrian folklore.

VINSTA is the musical outlet of Austrian musician Christian Höll, a multi-instrumentalist, also known
from the live line-up of folk-black-metallers Perchta. The idea behind the project is to create a unique
world based on the rich fundus of Austrian culture: The bleak myths of the mountain region fit seamlessly into the world of metal with its tendency to invoke fantastic netherworlds and vast
sceneries. „I also use some traditional yodelling and my regional Austrian dialect from Salzburg for the
lyrics in order to retain a dialect vocabulary which is otherwise becoming more and more forgotten“,
the musician explains. After the Covid-19-pandemic had spoiled the plan to bring VINSTA on stage as
a live-band, Höll decided to turn his creative endeavours inward and started to write and produce his
third album „Freiweitn”.

Delicate melodies carried by hammered dulcimer and violin weave through harsh sounds and driving
rhythms, and deep growls intertwine with polyphonic clean vocals uniquely accented by folk yodelling.
„The basic concept has become more layered and cohesive as compared to the first albums“, Christian
Höll states. He uses the Alpine landscapes as a metaphorical canvas on which to explore the big
questions of human existence. Some songs are inspired by concrete places and mythological creatures,
others by individual thoughts and feelings.

But not only the lyrics make use of a broad palette of colours and influences, the music does just as
well: The progressive Death-Metal-masterpieces of Opeth are just the most obvious ones. The
mastermind behind VINSTA adds: „A big influence was Lunar Aurora’s last album ‚Hoagascht‘. It was
one of the first music releases that combined Alpine mysticism with metal and also with lyrics in the
band’s Bavarian dialect“. Furthermore, the usage of Scandinavian languages in Metal inspired
Christian Höll to do something similar in its own way – that is experimental enough to even
incorporate traces of Hubert von Goisern’s more world-music-oriented moments to an extent that they
can barely be overheard.

Although the instrumentation on „Freiweitn“ is lush and multifaceted, the artist tried to keep the
recording process as pragmatic as possible. He did production, engineering and mixing all by himself.
Only the drums, played by Florian Musil (Agrypnie, Theotoxin), were recorded by Norbert Leitner in
his studio in Vienna. Mastering was done by Greg Chandler at Priory Recording Studios. Irrwisch
layed his skilled hands on the stunning cover-artwork. After they had already worked with VINSTA on
the previous album „Drei Deita“, Monika Hahn (female voices, violin) and Tobias Langthaler (bass
guitar) provided their skills for the new record. Gerald Huber (Glare Of The Sun) contributed the 12-
string guitar.

With „Freiweitn“, VINSTA raises their Alpine Metal to a new musical level. The alpine landscape with
its looming mountain backdrops, cold winters and incomparable beauty is reflected in both the music
and lyrics that invite the listeners on an uplifting journey through extraordinary soundscapes.

1. Steanklong (1:17)
2. Schwoaze Lockn (9:04)
3. Freiweitn (6:00)
4. Wundaberg (8:14)
5. Entarische Gstoit (6:54)
6. Untawegs Im Schattn (4:06)
7. Vinstas Valonga (6:25)
8. Einkehr (3:17)
9. Hoamat (3:42)

GENRE: Death Metal/ Alpine Folk
BARCODE: 4260393745919
RELEASE DATE: 03/11/2023

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