Violentor – Manifesto Di Odio – Black Vinyl

Band: Violentor

Label: Time To Kill Records

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: TTK059LP


Time To Kill Records proudly presents the return of the Italian Bastards Violentor with the new
album “Manifesto di Odio”. Violentor started in 2004 as main project of Alessio Medici as vocalist and guitar player. With a sound ixpired from 80’s metal and punk hardcore and releasing four albums, singles and playing several live shows Violentor is a garantee of worship and dedication to the resistance of metal.

Mixing serial killers themes (Italians to tell you all) and social agression to the corruption and
hypocrisy of the human being, Manifesto di Odio is the high expression of the Violentor artistic way.
An instrospective and violent work with a massive dose of riffs of high speed metal. The project Violentor was formed by Alessio Medici in 2004 with the will to make a band to play fast and aggressive metal influenced by Speed and Thrash metal and Hardcore. In the years Violentor activism into the metal scene was growing and becoming one of the “new wave” band of the Italian Underground Scene to be competitive in the music business. Violentor is a live band, nomad, globetrotter, ready to spread the word of metal and freedom around the universe.

Side A
1) Manifesto di Odio
2) La Paura Uccide
3) Facciamo la guerra
4) Vendetta Privata
5) Ballad Of The Free Spirits
Side B
6) Senza Limite
7) Siete Tutti Morti
8) Tieni D’Occhio La Tua Strada
9) In Fondo al Male

GENRE: Speed Thrash Metal
BARCODE: 0667619607145