Void Stasis – Ruins – CDD

Band: Void Stasis

Label: Cryo Chamber

Format: CDD


The new Dark Ambient project Void Stasis is a collaboration from Kristof Bathory of Dawn of Ashes, Scott Denman of Die Sektor and Marie Ann Hedonia. The project utilizes experimentation of various hardware synthesizers and Eurorack Modules to capture a dark journey through the realms of Xenomorphic soundscapes and surreal frequency atmospheres.

The debut album ‘Ruins’ tells a story about our planet drifting into an alien atmosphere and the aftermath of what would happen to our civilization during the process of human extinction.”

Track Listing:
1. Liquid Fire 08:38
2. Lung Fibrosis 05:46
3. Blood Eclipse 09:03
4. Ruins 09:00
5.Clockwork 07:23
6. There is No Life Here 07:41
7. Vision of a Dead Planet 07:31

GENRE: Dark Ambient/Ambient/Drone
BARCODE: 5902693145400