Vonamor – Vonamor – CDD

Band: Vonamor

Label: Time To Kill Records

Format: CDD


The band VONAMOR is out in 2022 with their self‐titled album, with the artistic production of the Italian, polyhedric artist Lucio Leoni for the label Time To Kill Records. Through their darkwave music and lyrics, VONAMOR’s album wonders about the various forms of love, desire, power; from the love for an elusive woman to the one for Nature; from the desire that can be fatal to the search for a maternal hug; from the most burning passion to the most intense nostalgia. With a magnetic, energetic and sensual record, full of sound twists and literary echoes, VONAMOR will lead you to meet a variety of demons, in a mixture of male and female voices, languages (English, Italian, French, German and Chinese) and wind instruments, enveloping bass lines and electronic beats, which will chase you and caress you, until you dance, move and love.

01. Empire
02. 2049
03. Lucky You
04. Never Betray Us
05. Take Your Heart
06. You the People
07. Mother Night
08. Fast‐Forward Girl
09. Wilderness

GENRE: Darkwave/Post Punk
BARCODE: 7427244451604