Witchrite/Kronstadt – Witchrite/Kronstadt – Vinyl


Band: Witchrite/Kronstadt

Label: 783punx

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: LHC033


Kronstadt and Witchrite are two bands that are not afraid to push the boundaries of their respective genres. With a sound that blends blackened hardcore, metal, and war themes, Kronstadt has been making waves in the underground scene for years. Meanwhile, Witchrite’s unique mix of thrash, disbeat, and metal influences has been turning heads and mosh pits alike.

Now, these two powerhouse bands are teaming up for a split record that is sure to leave listeners speechless. The 12″ LP features brand new tracks from both bands, showcasing their raw energy and musicianship. From the punishing riffs of Kronstadt to the blistering speed of Witchrite, this split record is a must-have for any fan of extreme music. WITCHRITE brings eight uncompromising tracks that straddle the line between thrash, death metal, crust punk, and grindcore. Their metalpunk assault hits hard and fast, leaving no survivors in its wake.

Meanwhile, KRONSTADT delivers two extended compositions that blend the ferocity of hardcore punk with the bleakness of black metal. The result is a dense, overwhelming, and gloomy darkness straight from the depths of the Moravian forests. This split record is the product of a longstanding friendship between the two bands, and their chemistry is evident in the crushing sound they’ve produced.
With powerful vocals, pounding drums, and shredding guitars, Kronstadt and Witchrite are proving that there is still plenty of innovation and creativity to be found in the world of metal and punk. Don’t miss your chance to experience their sonic onslaught.

A1 Witchrite – Wstręt
A2 Witchrite – Chuj nie alternatywa
A3 Witchrite – Klaustrofobia
A4 Witchrite – Zemsta
A5 Witchrite – PTSD
A6 Witchrite – Rdzawa krew robotnika
A7 Witchrite – Panika
A8 Witchrite – Religijna zaraza
B1 Kronstadt – Zatloukame hreby do rakve tohoto sveta
B2 Kronstadt – Beskydy

GENRE: Thrash Metal/Crust Punk
BARCODE: 5070000422749

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