Zero Gr4vity – Une Très Lègère Oscillation – CDD


Band: Zero Gr4vity

Label: Slab Note

Format: CDD

Catalogue Number: LAB039CD
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Zero Gr4vity is an electro-ambient project incarnated by Johann Guillon, founding member and multiinstrumentalist of the legendary group EZ3kiel. In 2020 and 2021, the artist presented a series of three singles, produced by Slab Note, the techno branch of Jarring Effects. These tracks laid the foundations for a spectral, emotional debut album, whose relief is inspired by the many contrasts that are the very essence of Zero Gr4vity’s music. After several years of teeming electronic productions, Zero GR4vity has selected twelve of the tracks that best represent it to present us with a salvific debut album entitled Une Très Légère Oscillation.

Inspired by prodigious artists such as John Hopkins, Max Cooper, Niels Frahm and Richie Hawtin, Zero
Gr4vity’s music is characterized by a bewitching approach, both dark and luminous, to organic, celestial
and hypnotic electronic music, rich in the most sumptuous synthetic textures.

If the title of this album refers to the book of the same name by the formidable Sylvain Tesson, it’s no
coincidence. Between the words of the travel writer lies the writing of a destiny. Sylvain Tesson urges us
to enjoy every moment, to marvel at the living, and to devote ourselves to the present moment rather
than waiting for tomorrow. This ever-awakening consciousness can also be found in the work of Zero
Gr4vity. An exceptional sound experimenter, the artist offers us an escape, a moment out of time to
refocus on the essential. An evolving, vaporous album that alternates phases of power and mystical
flights of fancy. Organic, dreamlike music to remind us that we’re alive.

Travel has a special dimension in Zero Gr4vity’s music. Between touring, his passion for the arts and
sciences and the hours spent digesting techno, Johann set sail on a sailing boat for a few months to find
new inspiration. Inspired by wide open spaces and the sea, he returned filled with images and sensory
perceptions, which he transcribed into his singular approach to electronic music, imbued with his
influences and personal history. The result? A debut album that takes the form of a deeply moving
electronic voyage.

Multimedia artist Yann Nguema (Anima Lux) designed the album cover. This master of images,
internationally renowned for his architectural mappings born of programs he designs, also worked with
algorithms to create the album’s visuals. A sensitive and poetic visual created from scratch using
computer code. This is not the first time the two artists have worked together, as they have already
collaborated with EZ3kiel. Zero Gr4vity also composes the music for all Yann Nguema’s productions,
and the two are currently working on the creation of a live A/V for the Zero Gr4vity project.

01– Rue des Dunes
02– Akaora
03– Ataraxie
04– The Latch (ft. Tereglio)
05– Suchasson
06– Floating Points
07– Une Très Légère Oscillation
08- Ghost Cat
09– The Dark Passenger
10– Poison (ft. JM Maresco)
11- Volupté Abyssale
12- The Song Of Marcella

GENRE: Electronic/Ambient
BARCODE: 3521383479414
RELEASE DATE: 08/12/2023

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