Solbrud - Levende I Bronshoj Vandtarn - DVD + CDD

Solbrud – Levende I Bronshoj Vandtarn – DVD + CDD

Since their formation in 2009, Danish black metal act SOLBRUD have forged melodic and evocative
compositions in raw, storm-like, and atmospheric soundscapes. Their self-titled debut album was
released in 2012, and in 2014, the infernal 'Jærtegn' followed, displaying a natural sense for complex songwriting that was further cultivated on 'Vemod' in 2017 ...
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Featured - Girly - CDD

Featured – Girly – CDD

“After proudly being fired from all my former musical endeavours, I moved to LA in the early 2000’s and
got the chance to work with Giorgio Moroder and the great producer Keith Forsey (Simple Minds, Billy
Idol) amongst others, and have been happily working in the music, film and video game industry ...
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Hilyard - Division Cycle - CDD

Hilyard – Division Cycle – CDD

Under the solemn gaze of Furthermore the gears of hatred and wrath grind down the bones of humanity into sustenance, digested deep within the bowels of the earth, where the roots of its ancient trees pull the flesh from the ramparts of civilization and giants move as clouds of remnant dust above ...
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Dronny Darko & Ajna - Radioactive Immersion - CDD

Dronny Darko & Ajna – Radioactive Immersion – CDD

Dronny Darko & Ajna team up on this dark wasteland soundscape album

Track Listing:
1. Anomalous Gravity Distortion 05:33
2. Bottomless Gorge 05:52
3. Electromagnetic Pulse 07:01
4. Uranium 235 04:01
5. Plutonium Clouds (feat. protoU) 06:08
6. Mutated DNA 05:56
7. Radioactive Immersion 12:22GENRE: Dark Ambient/Ambient/Drone
BARCODE: 5902693143673 ...
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Red Hot Riot - Forget Me Not - CDD

Red Hot Riot – Forget Me Not – CDD

Debut CD by exciting young neo-Rockabilly bandTRACKLIST…..
1. Go
2. Down The Rabbit Hole
3. I Wanna Be Yours (Tick Tock)
4. Masquerade
5. Morning Light
6. It’s What You Make Of This
7. Snakes & Ladders
8. Life You Get
9. Stung By A Bee
10. What’s a Boy To Do
11. Too Late
12. Mona Lisa
GENRE: Rockabilly/Psychobilly
BARCODE: 0703694889585 ...
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Lifespite - Hate//Fuck//Kill - CDD

Lifespite – Hate//Fuck//Kill – CDD

Face smashing Negative Hardcore from the Nederlands and Belgium,TRACK LISTING
1. Fucked Over
2. Stomped Out
3. Wretched Lies
4. Hell on Earth
5. Twist the Blade
6. Blunt Object Mutilation
7. Never Heal
8. Gutterbound
9. Blow to Shreds
10. One by One
11. Pray for Nothing
12. Dead in a Ditch
13. Over and Done
14. Taste the Floor
15. Organ Thieves
16. Bullshit ...
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Icare - Khaos - CDD

Icare – Khaos – CDD

The initial will of ICARE members was to experiment with the wildest and most devastating grindcore. After attending a show where fellow Swiss geniuses Euclidean (Division Records) were playing, they were struck by the black metal dimension of this formation. This was a real epiphany: their technical and virulent grindcore had to ...
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Dirge - Vanishing Point - CDD

Dirge – Vanishing Point – CDD

Two years after ending a career rich of seven albums, one EP and a handful of demo tapes, DIRGE
finally unfolds its final testimony, VANISHING POINT. A retrospective collection of unreleased tracks and rarities that traces the sonic evolution of the band, from the original mid 90s industrial rusts to the granitic ...
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Demande A La Poussiere - Quietude Hostile - CDD

Demande A La Poussiere – Quietude Hostile – CDD

Demande à la Poussière (Ask the Dust) is a French band created in 2017 by former members from The Great Old Ones, Spectrale, Omrade and Würm. The project was to create music at the crossroads of Black Metal, Doom and Sludge with French lyrics. The name, which is the French title of ...
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Morost - Forged Entropy - CDD

Morost – Forged Entropy – CDD

After six years of fermenting inside the creative minds of Morost, long anticipated album Forged Entropy is about to be delivered. 

Sophisticated metal compositions from this Slovenian band will bring you the unexpected experience, from raw black metal through swamp groove psychedelia, to slow death metal and blast beats, just to spice ...
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Slavocracy - Slavocracy - CDD

Slavocracy – Slavocracy – CDD

Slavocracy is a death metal project hailing from Slovenia/Italy dating back to the heyday of alternative music in the region.
Formed by members of local bands Entreat and Evenrain, it droned in the background, honing its blades. It delivered. Their selftitled full length is a mature, pounding commentary on humanity’s basest conditions ...
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D.O.G. - In My World - CDD

D.O.G. – In My World – CDD

For fans of Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, Iron Maiden and the NWOBHM
> With Jo Amore (ex-Nightmare / Now or Never)TRACK LISTING
Modern Hero
Sentenced to the End
Passenger of the Dark
Desillusion, Desolation
The End of Time
Deam of Glory
Icarus Dream
In My World
GENRE: Heavy Rock
BARCODE: 3254872993244 ...
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No Terror In The Bang CDD

No Terror In The Bang CDD

Hypnotic sound immersion, between dreams and nightmares.
For fans of cinematic Metal, Poppy and Scarlet.TRACK LISTING
Saule Pleureur
Another Kind of Violence
No More
Helpful Peace Part. I
No More Helpful Peace Part. II
21 grams
Preacher o Steel
Memory of a Waif Part. I
Preacher o Steel
Memory of a Waif Part. II
Broken Mind.
GENRE: Cinematic Metal
BARCODE: 3663663006726 ...
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Ray Vernon - All Wrays Lead To Rock- The Link Wray Connection - CDD

Ray Vernon – All Wrays Lead To Rock- The Link Wray Connection – CDD

1‐CD Digipak with 28‐page booklet, 34 individual tracks, playing time approx. 78:30 min.

*Ray Vernon ‐ Bear Family dedicates a complete CD album to Link Wray's big brother for the first time!
*Really everyone who is interested in rock guitarists knows Link Wray ‐ see Bear Family BCD17600.
*Ray Vernon was a talented singer and ...
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Mare Cognitum - Solar Paroxysm - CDD

Mare Cognitum – Solar Paroxysm – CDD

From the depths of the outer rim to solid footing of green earth, "Solar Paroxysm", cosmic black metal entity MARE COGNITUM's fifth album proper, finds itself moving from the impossible to the familiar. Now occupying himself with the failures of humankind over the past epoch, Jacob Buczarski's frustrations with humankind ...
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