Ceptic Frog – Ceptic Frog – Vinyl

Band: Ceptic Frog

Label: Lion Productions

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: LIONLP189



Very interesting tripped out and fuzzy heavy psych release. There are some face melting tracks here and the whole band sounds freaky good. Sound quality is surprisingly adequate considering these are simply ‘rehearsals’ transferred from tape, and the press is perfect. This is totally worth checking out if you are a fan of this type of stuff and appreciate unearthed relics of the era. — Proscaline “In here lies the bones of all heavy metal ancestors. Enter at your own peril.” — a poster on Reddit.

Ultra-rare rehearsal sessions from 1969 by this South African heavy psych / acid rock band, mastered from a tape transfer — and yet still doom-laden, dark, heavy, and as messy as can be, in all the right ways. Influences from heavy bands of the time, such as Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Steppenwolf are noticeable, with proto-doom and psych/funk undercurrents. Do you like fuzz guitar? You’re going to hear it screaming and wailing and building to epic tidal waves and crashes, the kinds of astonishing guitar cascades not heard since you cued up the best of all available live Jimi Hendrix recordings.

Talking about a track known online as ‘Bufo Gutturalis,’ a poster’s assessment: “I gotta say this is one of the most shocking songs from 60s, it’s impressive how the sound can be heavy and dark — it is also one of the [earliest] released songs most closely to call proto-doom.” “When you listen to the stuff, well the first thing you might say is ‘this stuff is pretty raw’ and you are right. But that is what I always dug about it… I was told they would all go to a rehearsal session after smoking lots of “Durban Poison” and I think the result really speaks for itself. I am very happy that this little dirty gem is finally seeing the light of day. I have no idea what the world is going to think of it, but maybe because there’s no names, faces, or
information other than my own recollections, maybe that forces the listener to use their imagination. Ceptic Frog, 1969: music created by South African teenagers very high on Durban Poison. Gotta love it.” —Rich Patz, ShroomAngel Records

Track List:
Side A:
1. Rehearsal #1 (“I’ve Been Looking From the Outside”)
2. Rehearsal #2 (Metal sludge, aka “Bufo Gutturalis”)
3. Rehearsal #3 (“Early Morning Haze”)
4. Rehearsal #4 (“Free To Blow With the Wind”)
Side B:
1. Rehearsal #5 (Heavy acid funk groove)
2. Rehearsal #6 (More heavy acid funk groove)
3. Rehearsal #7 (“Sunshine Comes My Way”)
4. Rehearsal #8 (Grind groove)
5. Rehearsal #9 (Grind groove, w/solos)
6. Rehearsal #10 (Acid rock groove)
7. Rehearsal #10 (Acid rock emergency)
8. Rehearsal #11 (Shred and stroll)

GENRE: Psych Rock
BARCODE: 778578318918
RELEASE DATE: 17/05/2024

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