Autumnboy – Autumn Forever – Cassette

Band: Autumnboy

Label: Beth Shalom Records

Format: Cassette


Autumnboy is no stranger to mixing genres. Blending modern Emo Rap with the nostalgic sounds of Midwest Emo and Post-Hardcore, Autumnboy has mixed his own creative flare in with these styles to create the fast paced, emotional soundscape that is Autumn Forever.

The album covers the deep pains of mental health, growth, and faith and how they all meet together in the middle. As a steady progression from his last releases, Autumnboy has consistently stepped forward into a cohesive hooky driven style of songwriting in a hope to convey the things he has to say in a way that the listener can truly digest and understand.

1. Brighter
2. Parasite
3. Morose
4. Autumn Forever
5. Nevertheless, I Persist
6. Secret Places
7. Dead Flowers On The Windowsill

GENRE: Alternative/Hip-Hip
BARCODE: 5060825810067