Deathcrush – Under Serpents Reign – Cassette

Band: Deathcrush

Label: Time To Kill Records

Format: Cassette


Deathcrush is a trio formed in 2003 in Bessude, Sardinia (Italy). Their music is a furious old school death metal with blackned and brutal riffings. After demos, ep and live shows across sardinia and italy in 2013, the band signed the first deal with casket music for the worldwide release of their debut album “collective brain infektion” and started an intense live activity across Italy all Europe and play some show with Obituary, Hour of penance, Natron and many others. In 2017 the band signed a new deal with The spew rec. / Punishment18 for the release of the second full-lenght “Hell”, evolving more obscurity on sound and lyrics. They played on two tour across all Europe and played at Las vegas deathfest in USA. In 2019 the band release the first live album recorded in Poland entitled “Spreading the pest – live in Poland” via Punishment18\hellbones rec. Now the band signed with Time To Kill records and in 2022 release their 3th full-lenght studio album “Under Serpents Reign”.

Under Serpents Reing is Deathcrush’s third studio album. It consists of eight songs plus an intro and an
interlude. It was recorded and mixed in Sassari at Andy Mornar’s RedWarlock Studio between February and March 2021, while the mastering was carried out at the Hertz Studio (Poland). The artwork was created by Paolo Girardi based on the lyrics and musicality of the album, which can be considered an evolution of the two previous ones. In fact, “Under Serpents Reign” sums up the brutality of the first album (Collective Brain Infektion) and the blackened atmospheres of the second work (Hell).

The backbone topic of the lyrics is a strong anticlericalism that leads to blasphemy and ferocity depending on the sound of the song. The genre expressed is therefore faithful to traditional old school Death Metal with Black influences, but the thread is an original fury in riffing and drumming which personalizes the sound of the band who calls themselves “Furious Death Musik”. The main influences are Behemoth, Morbid Angel, Immolation, Deicide, Belphegor.

1. Apocalypse Of The Fallen Empire
2. Beheading Jehovah Prophet
3. Under Serpents Reign
4. No Heaven Awaits
5. Daemonology – Symphonies Of The Devil
6. Thy Sovereign
7. Deathmarch To Obscurity
8. Black Thelema
9. Wolfskull
10. From Servant to Warfare

GENRE: Furious Death Musik
BARCODE: 7427244451390