Acausal Intrusion – Nulitas – CDD

Band: Acausal Intrusion

Label: I, Voidhanger Records

Format: CDD


A duo from the United States, ACAUSAL INTRUSION play chaotic technical death metal tapping into regions beyond time and space, a vessel for ancient and unknown forces to channel into this earth, to dismantle the psyche and destroy the ego.

Wrapped in a sinister and disturbing cover painting by visionary artist Daniele Valeriani (MAYHEM, TRIPTYKON, BEHEMOTH), “Nulitas” is the band’s debut album, an asphyxiating yet transcending metal monster that feeds on the dark, psychedelic riffs of Nythroth, and on Cave Ritual’s crushingly brutal drumming.

“The acausal realm is the source of all true life,” explains Nythroth; “it lays beyond our causal world and is inhabited by 
ancient entities and chaotic energies usually too terrifying for humans to behold. Their intrusion into our reality can spark an alchemical process of transformation through which the individuals emerge on the other side with renewed selfconsciousness.”

You will either fear these primal energies of chaos and be destroyed… or embrace them and be reborn a god.

– Deluxe Digipack CD, Ltd 200

1. Corpus (2:17)
2. Transcending The Veil (8:24)
3. Nexious Shapeshifters (7:42)
4. Qabbalistic Conjoining Existence (8:32)
5. Αnimus (2:09)
6. Invocations Apprehension (5:09)
7. Nomen (1:26)
8. Tetrahedron Quartz (6:54)
9. Manifesting Rites (6:53) 
10. Nebulous Ceremonial Temple (9:01)

GENRE: Death Metal/Black Death BARCODE: 5902693143833