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    Advent Of Fire - Verikaste - CDD

    Advent Of Fire – Verikaste – CDD

    ADVENT OF FIRE combines the vulgar lyrics of traditional death metal with a more melodic sound, bringing "death" back to melodic death metal. The presence of death is also present in live shows using real blood.TRACK LISTING
    1- Alku
    2- Verikaste
    3- Pelkkää vihaa
    4- Petos
    5- Koston päivä
    6- Teuras
    7- Ruhonsyöjä

    GENRE: Old-School Death Metal
    BARCODE: 3663663009307 ...

    Bloodride - Idiocracy - CDD

    Bloodride – Idiocracy – CDD

    The Finnish thrashers BLOODRIDE are not new to the Metal scene. The band is made up of old demons who have performed in many other bands (Astaroth, Deathmarched, Unshine, Angus Dei, etc.) so this whole experience pretty much speaks for them. The band's fourth album "IDIOCRACY" continues in the same footsteps as when ...

    Death From Above - Altered Dimensio - CDD

    Death From Above – Altered Dimensio – CDD

    The Bayonne quartet DEATH FROM ABOVE offers us a first album synonymous with dynamite for your ears." altered dimension" oscillates between death us and European death, DEATH FROM ABOVE does not go four ways and throws us 9 shells of brutality cut for the scene. The texts speak of humanity ...

    Defechate - Unbounded - CDD

    Defechate – Unbounded – CDD

    Death Metal with feet sunk in the Old School domain with the gaze turned to his own influences,
    a deviant gaze, which often dispenses anger and violence against hypocrisy and prepackaged schemes.
    "Unbounded" collects Defechate experience and new ideas and pushes everything inside this musical grinder. Some aspects of the evil inherent in ...

    Empyreal Vault - Judgement - CDD

    Empyreal Vault – Judgement – CDD

    Empyreal Vault is back with its new album named "Judgement", recorded, mixed and mastered at Triceraprod in Bordeaux, France. The overall mood of "Judgement" is inspired by the recent world crisis. Heavier and darker than their past releases, "Judgement" sounds more organic and authentic.TRACK LISTING
    1- Harbinger of dismal changes
    2- Apocalypse
    3- Suffering
    4- War
    5 The ...

    Gorebringer - Terrified Beyond Measure - CDD

    Gorebringer – Terrified Beyond Measure – CDD

    "Terrified Beyond Measure" is the second album by British band GOREBRINGER. They evolve in a melodic death metal style, originating in London, formed in 2017 by the current members of the group, Stench, Blood Worm and Carrion. All of the members have backgrounds in brutal death metal and melodic death metal. The band's ...

    Nervous Decay - Nervous Decay - CD

    Nervous Decay – Nervous Decay – CD

    Death metal that reminds me of Chuck Schuldiner’s Death in that legendary band’s more intricate and adventurous phases of existence. It’s unmistakably savage and capably skull-busting, but it also takes some interesting twists and turns, from the start-stop episodes at the outset to episodes of ravaging mayhem and galloping passages ...

    Nihilanth - Graceless Planet - CDD

    Nihilanth – Graceless Planet – CDD

    The band pay a tribute to the 90's death metal . Influences are quite recognizable.
    On the one hand, the American scene with bands like Malevolent Creation, Morbid Angel,Disincarnate,
    Suffocation, Monstrosity and of course Death. On the other hand, the Swedish scene with Entombed, Grave, Carnage, Dismember and Opeth for the clear ...

    Post-Mortem - The Monumental Pandemonium - CDD

    Post-Mortem – The Monumental Pandemonium – CDD

    The second album "The Monumental Pandemonium" is relentless and furious. First of all, the sound of the guitar is absolutely huge! The two guitarists, Samuel Clauss and Jack Ruetsch, hammer the listener with a mixture of heavy as hell, but melodic riffs. The drums have a natural sound which adds the organic ...

    Scorn - Winds Of Torment - CDD

    Scorn – Winds Of Torment – CDD

    SCORN’s album Winds of Torment is, as the cover shows, a crude digest of hatred and violence, of contempt for humanity and the whole human race.

    Through the ten tracks that make up the album, the listener will be led to take part in various paintings of hate and death, revenge, envy, suicidal ...

    Stormgrey - Dna Of Chaos - CDD

    Stormgrey – Dna Of Chaos – CDD

    STORMGREY is old-school Death Metal from Vilnius, Lithuania. STORMGREY has its roots in the Death Metal scene of the early 1990's when its members played in various Lithuanian death metal bands such as DISSECTION, CONSCIOUS ROT, DAHMER, and ANOMALY.TRACK LISTING
    1- When blood runs cold
    2- Suicide for pleasure
    3- Happy easter 666
    4- Fuel named ...

    Terminal Carnage - The Sickening Rebirth - CDD

    Terminal Carnage – The Sickening Rebirth – CDD

    Chaos is the new world order and humanity unable to learn from the past. Digitalization controls life and the society degenerates....2020 was a year that emphasizes what TERMINAL CARNAGE hammered on their debut album THE SICKENING REBIRTH. Stefan Walter (guitars, bass and vocals) formed the Old School Death Metal project TERMINAL CARNAGE in winter ...

    Wrathrone - Eve Of Infliction - CDD

    Wrathrone – Eve Of Infliction – CDD

    The third opus of Finnish deathsters, Wrathrone, reeks confidently of rot and pus. The source of influences is varied but still rests firmly on old school approach. Careful listener will surely hear some Swedish tones along with some vibes from the US, without forgetting the melancholy and bitterness of the Finnish soundscape. If ...