Nervous Decay – Nervous Decay – CD

Band: Nervous Decay

Label: Great Dane Records

Format: CD


Death metal that reminds me of Chuck Schuldiner’s Death in that legendary band’s more intricate and adventurous phases of existence. It’s unmistakably savage and capably skull-busting, but it also takes some interesting twists and turns, from the start-stop episodes at the outset to episodes of ravaging mayhem and galloping passages loaded with ebullient fretwork. The time signatures change on a dime, repeatedly, as do the drum patterns. And the bestial vocals do a good job matching up with all the crazy things happening in the instrumental music.

1- Cerberus brace
2- Daily poison
3- Mirrors of pain
4- Nervous decay
5- Shield of delusion
6- Doomsday clock
7- Lobotomy

GENRE: Old-School Death Metal
BARCODE: 3663663008119